3 Key Components of Choosing a Fitness or Nutrition Program

Are you considering hiring a trainer or nutrition coach? Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices and information available to you?

I understand how you feel! There are thousands of programs and trainers which makes it is easier now more than ever to find options.

But with all of the options out there how do you go about choosing the right coach for you and your personal goals?

Every coach seems to have all of the answers for what is right for you, but it is hard to know what is truly the right choice for you.

It takes vulnerability to hire a coach and put your programming in another person’s hands. It is an important decision and I do not expect you to make this decision quickly or without consideration.

This is your health, your money, and your wellbeing! Take your time to shop around, ask questions, and determine which path is right for you.

Below, I dive into THREE key components you should consider when choosing a program, trainer, or coach for your goals.

  • Enjoyability

Will you enjoy the process?

If you do not enjoy your program, odds are you will not stick to it long term. It will be more difficult to accomplish your goals, and a waste of your hard earned money.

It is also important to enjoy and get along with your trainer/coach.

Sometimes, two people just do not connect well, and that is okay. So find a coach you really like, and can connect with.


  • Sustainability

Is this program sustainable for life?

Unless you are an advanced athlete or a competitor, your program should not include extreme goals like eating 1,000 calories a day or training twice a day for 2 hours.

We are Americans, we have a typical go go go, need now mentality. But it’s important to stray away from this mentality when it comes to your health and fitness.

Quick fixes fail to create lasting change and are not sustainable.

Sustainable programs are ones you can follow long-term in a healthy and enjoyable manner.


  • Accountability and Support

Is there accountability and support built in?

I have had numerous clients come to me explaining that their previous coach rarely checked in and only answered their questions or messages once a week.

If you have a question about your program or need some support, a great coach will be available to you within their office hours.

Ask the coach what the accountability and support of the program looks during the consultation.


You and your health are important. Make sure the program or coach is the right fit for you!

-Coach Court



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