Nutrition Coaching

Helping you eat the foods you enjoy while fueling your body for everyday life.


No restrictive diets, no rules.

Numerous ways to track.

Eat foods YOU enjoy


Your plan is created specificially for you, I do NOT make cookie cutter plans

Helping You Fuel Your Body

What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition Coaching is more than just a meal plan and tracking/ measuring food. Nutrition Coaching is centered around you and your lifestyle. Coaching offers support, education, and guidance in areas that could include sleep, stresss, mood, hunger levels, energy levels, hydration, daily accountability, recovery, mental health, emotiaonal health and so much more!

Personalized Nutrition Blueprint to achieve your goals

Support on creating a meal plan that works for you

High-touch communication and accountability

Sports Nutrition coaching to understand how food fuels your body


Learn the foundations of nutrition like reading labels


Daily accountability from a certified coach 

Increase energy levels

Eat more food you enjoy to fuel your body

Calorie tracking

Receieve personalized calorie recommendations & guidance

How does it work?

You recieve access to the exclusive Fueled to Perform app which is your platform for daily communication with me, numerous methods of tracking progress, daily diet analysis, virtual coaching calls, full nutrition tracking, and so much more!


Do I have to track macros?

No it is not a requirement. There are 4 different ways to do nutrition coaching- macro tracking, photo tracking, portion sizes, nutrition journaling

What does the diet look like?

It’s COMPLETELY personalized to you and focused on fitting ALL foods you enjoy into your diet with NO restrictions. 

I often fall off track, how will you ensure I don't?

I am your accountability partner and battle buddy. You have access to instant messaging with me right in the app, you have weekly check-ins, monthly coaching calls, and progress check-ups.

We will also dicuss what has and has not worked for you in the past to create the ultimate game plan for your program.

I am not sure I can afford training or coaching

I have numerous different price points and payment methods, and we can work together to determine what will work best for your budget!

How do I know if it's right for me?

If you struggle finding balance between fueling your body and overating, you want to create long-term habits, you’re sick of ‘falling off the wagon’, and you want to eat all foods without guilt while still reaching your health goals.

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion and I have been in the fitness and wellness industry since 2016.


I earned a Sports Nutrition Certification from the top rated Nutrition Program in the world- Precision Nutrition in 2020. 


Client success’

Gain Strength & confidence

“I like that I am able to eat more food, I can eat foods I enjoy just with smaller portions. It’s nice to see the scale move” Maggie C

Courtney is a proven, passionate person who believes in her clients, finds that supportive way to encourage, and models fitness and nutrition in all its aspects. Thanks for everything, Courtney, you are inspiring.” Rodney

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