VIP Elite Package

Personalized Training + Nutrition program delivered to your phone that you can balance with your busy lifestyle to improve performance in and out of the gym.

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Too many hard-working Americans are trying to get healthy and move better alone and end up struggling sticking to a program and finding consistency.

You’re missing two important factors to increase your chances of reaching your goals:

A stragetic plan & accountability

The Elite Program provides you with a personalized, stragetic, and balanced Training & Nutrition plan and accountability with daily messaging, weekly check-ins, bi-weekly accountability calls, video feedback, and a community.

What is the Elite Program?

Training & Nutrition bundle to optimize your goals

  • Personalized full training program delivered to the exclusive app based on your goals


  • Customized nutrition recommendations, actionable steps and a road map, goals & habits all in app


  • Daily feedback & accountability from a certified professional


  • Constant education and tips on how to balance nutrition & training to accomplish your personal goals

How does it work?

  • You get access to the Fueled to Perform app
  • We work together to assess your goals, history, health, & so much more before beginning
  • You receive a personalized training program & nutrition guide with actionable steps
  • Your training program has videos and full descriptions for each exercise
  • You get video exercise feedback to ensure you’re performing exercises properly
  • We have bi-weekly virtual accountability calls & constant in-app communication
  • Numerous routes for in-app nutrition tracking and coaching
  • You set daily habit goals in the app for accountability notifcations
  • We have weekly check-ins & daily feedback
  • Comprehensive plan with workouts, nutrition goals, daily healthy habits, warm-ups, mobility routines & scheduled check-ins

How do you have freedom to Customize Your Program to Fit Your Life?


Choose Your Method: Nutrition

Create nutrition freedom & choose the method of coaching that best fits your goals & lifestyle.

    1. Full Meal Tracking

    In-app macro tracking by measuring or weighing food

    2. Meal Photos

    Snap a photo of your meal right in the app

    3. Hand Portion Sizes

    Use your hand to measure your portions

    4. Daily Journaling

    Least time consuming & easiest

    Journal patterns like hunger levels, energy levels, environment

    Choose Your Method: Training

    Training freedom based on the equipment you have access to, time you have available, current fitness level, and preferences.

    No programs are cookie cutter, and no 2 programs are alike, I believe in the value of personalization.

      1. Equipment

      Do you have only a yoga mat or a full gym membership? 

      Your program is designed using the equipment you have access to.

      2. Duration

      How much time can you confidently commit to exercise? Whether it is 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 times a week or 4 times a week, your program is created to set you up for success.

      3. Current Fitness Levels

      Your plan is created to meet you where you are, and guide you to accomplish the goals you desire.

      4. Preferences

      Hate cardio? That’s okay, there are plently of other ways to train.

      Your program is built based on your personal preferences.

      Client Wins

      Client wins go further than physical appearance but painfree, more comfortable movements