VIP Classic

Choose training or nutrition with the classic option

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I understand that starting a new program can be time consuming, intimidating, and overwhelming.

Kickstart your goals with the VIP Classic program where you begin with your choice of Training or Nutrition while still receiving the VIP experience and exclusive app access.

During the Starter program you will receive a completely customized plan, consistent accountability, and one-on-one coaching.

What is VIP Classic?

Choose either Training OR Nutrition

Receive completely customized program & one-on-one coaching

VIP Classic Training

  • Personalized training program based on your equipment, schedule, preferences & lifestyle with warm-ups, mobility routines & workouts so you have a well rounded program that fits your needs
  • Video demonstrations of movements & oppertunity to send in videos for exercise feedback to ensure you are moving properly and avoid injury
  • Monthly accountability calls & constant communication to make sure you’re on the right path toward your goals and making continuous progress.

VIP Classic Nutrition

  • Personalized nutrition guide & actionable steps so you have a clear plan toward accomplishing your goals
  • Monthly virtual accountability calls to check-in, make any adjustments & ensure continuous progress
  • Weekly Check-ins & constant communication
  • Daily Feedback & guidance to make adjustments, troubleshoot any issues & make sure you have a clear approach to your daily nutrition
  • Daily habits coaching to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle

The results you will see & what you get

  • Increased energy by shifting your approach to nutrition & creating nutrition freedom


  • Confidence in reaching your goals with a full plan developed by a professional


  • A coach who is dedicated and supportive of your personal goals & will pave the path for you to accomplish them


  • Knowledge & education to grow & develop throughout the program

Client Wins

Client wins go further than physical appearance but painfree, more comfortable movements